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Community members can join the South Bend Police Department Tuesday night for the annual National Night Out Against Crime.

The SBPD hosts multiple events for the community throughout the year.

St. Joseph Co. Jail



The St. Joseph County Prosecutor's office released the following update on the inmate suicide:

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Black Lives Matter activists occupied the sidewalk in front of the County City Building in South Bend for 24 hours this weekend. They are continuing to demand the firing of the police chief more than a month after the fatal police shooting of Eric Logan.

Starting at noon on Saturday, activists held workshops about citizens’ rights in police interactions and wrote slogans with sidewalk chalk. As the evening drew on, they also read from the Bible together.

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South Bend fire officials report that the fire is now out at the site of Sunday's industrial blaze. There were hot spots that had to be put out as recently as 6am Monday. Now investigators are on scene looking for information on what caused the fire in the first place. 


South Bend firefighters battled a fire Sunday evening at an industrial site on the City’s southwest side at the corner of Calvert and Franklin streets.

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The St. Joseph County Prosecutor's office has released the following sentencing information regarding Joel Barrozo, 30, who pleaded guilty to charges related to a December crash that killed a woman and two children:

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South Bend City Clerk Kareemah Fowler recently resigned her post to be CFO of South Bend Community Schools. That leaves a vacancy to be filled by a unique election.

South Bend residents and members of the City’s Common Council gathered Monday night to brainstorm ways to improve the community.

Community members were broken into five groups to discuss topics including economic development, affordable housing, youth engagement and employment, neighborhood infrastructure, and public safety.

The South Bend Fire Department held a public ceremony to recognize their newly opened fire station. 

Fire Station 9 is located four blocks from the Memorial Park boat launch. Officials say this will help cut the response time for water emergencies by about six minutes. 

The station will also house the only ambulance for the east side of the City. 


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A public forum in South Bend Sunday night focused on how deep-rooted issues related to policing, poverty, and education are hitting minority communities. Much of the discussion revolved around ideas to improve the historic lack of trust between minorities and the police. 

South Bend residents can now apply for new solar- powered lampposts as part of the Light Up South Bend Initiative.

 The Lamppost Lighting Program is meant to improve safety by adding more street lighting throughout South Bend. The City selected two areas where residents pay less for a lamppost.

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South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg updated the city’s Common Council Monday night on his progress in addressing the police shooting of Eric Logan on June 16. He announced no specific plans, but gave a general preview of things to come.

Buttigieg told the Common Council he was considering a thorough review of the police department before the end of his term. He said he was looking into adding staff to the Board of Public Safety, implementing anti-violence community programs, and investing in technology that would activate body cameras when a weapon is removed from the holster. He acknowledged that many of these ideas would require funding from the city’s budget.

How Two Gunshots Sparked Outrage in South Bend

Jul 3, 2019
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It’s been over two weeks since a black South Bend resident was fatally shot by a white police officer, but the pain and outrage ignited in the community have not gone away. Here's a timeline with some context to give insight into how this incident sparked an outcry.

It was just before 3:30 a.m. on Father’s Day when South Bend police officer Ryan O’Neill responded to a call about a suspicious person at an apartment building.

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A group of pastors joined South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the lobby of the County-City Building today to pray for the city and to present a plan to the mayor. 

“We are not a dying city but we are a very sick city,” Pastor Williams says. “Residents of the city are sick. And we’re all sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick.”

Williams gave Buttigieg an envelope that he says contains a "plan" for South Bend.

Handout from the St. Joseph Co. Metro Homicide Unit

NEW: The St. Joseph Co. Metro Homicide Unit has released new information in the Kelly's Pub investigation.