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At-large candidates for South Bend Common Council will answer audience questions at a forum tonight at Indiana University South Bend.

 Voters pick three at-large candidates on the primary ballots on May 7th. The event, hosted by the American Democracy Project of IUSB and the South Bend League of Women Voters, is one of several candidate events being held across the area. The forum will be followed by one-on-one networking between candidates and voters. It starts at 6 in Northside Hall at IUSB.

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UPDATE: SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — A judge has convicted a man who died in jail after pleading guilty to murder in the 1988 beating death of a pregnant South Bend woman.

St. Joseph Superior Court Judge John Marnocha on Wednesday accepted the plea that 78-year-old George Kearney entered on March 11.

Kearney was scheduled to be sentenced Friday, but he died Sunday in jail. Prosecutors say Kearney had been terminally ill and that his health had deteriorated over the past week.

Kearney admitted killing 28-year-old Miriam Rice, who was abducted June 24, 1988, while walking her dog in a park. Her body was found about a week later obscured by foliage.

Kearney's former girlfriend, 56-year-old Barbara Brewster also was charged with murder and is due to stand trial in June.


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said he is puzzled by Vice President Mike Pence's strong support for the president. The mayor of South Bend, Indiana asks how Pence could "allow himself to become the cheerleader of the porn star presidency?" and adds, "Is it that he stopped believing in Scripture, when he started believing in Donald Trump?" He made the comments at a CNN town hall in Austin, Texas,

South Bend "State of the City" address is tonight

Mar 9, 2019


(SOUTH BEND) - Mayor Pete Buttigieg will deliver his eighth State of the City address at 6:00 p.m. tonight at the Morris Performing Arts Center. The address is free and open to the public.

The mayor is expected to talk about some of the challenges the city has confronted and what he sees ahead in the future.  He is also expected to highlight some of the things he discussed Monday night in his annual address to the South Bend Common Council regarding the city's financial health, including the city's bond rating.

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REMINDER: You can watch Pete Buttigieg in an hour long 2020 Town Hall on CNN this weekend starting Sunday at 9pm.

Candidates for South Bend Common Council in districts one, three and six will answer audience questions at a forum tonight at Indiana University South Bend.

UPDATE:  An autopsy was conducted this weekend in Fort Wayne for Phyllis Swihart, 88. A forensic pathologist determined her cause of death to be thermal injuries and soot inhalation. There appeared to be no outward trauma.  However, the manner of death is pending toxicology results. The investigation into the fire is still ongoing.


NEW: South Bend mayoral candidate jailed

Mar 1, 2019
St. Joseph Co. Jail

NEW: South Bend mayoral candidate Will Smith was jailed this morning in South Bend at the St. Joseph County Jail.  He is being held for Miami County on no bond. This comes just hours before Smith is scheduled to participate in a debate among democratic mayoral candidates for South Bend mayor. The prosecutor out of Miami County is charging Smith with felony theft involving a 2019 Forest River travel trailer taken from RV Dynasty in Bunker Hill last month.   

South Bend International Airport


(SOUTH BEND) - The city's International Airport saw a more than 20-percent jump in usage during the first three quarters of 2018. Average growth for similarly sized airports was three to seven-percent in the same time frame.

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South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg launched his new book at an event at the Century Center Sunday. The conversation focused on the book, but highlighted his talking points in his presidential politics.

Buttigieg announced his exploratory committee for a presidential run about a month ago. Since that point he’s made the circuit of news stations and a trip to Iowa. But on Sunday afternoon in South Bend he was in front of a hometown crowd, trying to translate mayor into president.


South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s book, Shortest Way Home, hit shelves this weekend, and he kicked it off with an event at the Century Center yesterday.


“What I see is a national picture where people want something completely different. There’s a real appetite, especially in my party for something entirely new.”


Michiana Chronicles: Pete's Book

Feb 8, 2019
Pete for America

At the end of the long paperwork process that put South Bend Mayor Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg into the Navy, the induction officer, says, “You said you work for the city, right?”

“That’s right,” Pete says, without adding that he’s the boss.  

Is your employer supportive?

“Yes, everyone has been great.”

Put in for the employer service support award when you get home, he says to Pete. Elected officials always come to the ceremony.

“They just eat that (shit) up.”

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Last week’s subzero temperatures followed by the quick thaw created some unique problems for road crews in the area.

First off, subzero temperatures are dangerous for road crews. And they can make it difficult to keep diesel trucks running. And traditional road salts stops working below a certain temperature.

And when it’s not snowing, the freeze thaw means crews have more potholes to patch.


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South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg took to the streets today for a demonstration in pothole filling.

Now that it’s stopped snowing, street crews are off plowing and on to filling some potholes. And Tuesday, the mayor was helping.


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The Indiana Secretary of Commerce stopped by South Bend on Monday to check in on the progress of the Regional Cities Initiative in the area.

The Regional Cities Initiative is a series of project and grants throughout the state meant to modernize local economies in the areas of education, transportation, workforce development, communication technology and others.

Jim Schellinger said that the Regional Cities projects are an opportunity for cites to change

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg
City of South Bend


 South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg announced an exploratory committee for a Presidential run in a video posted online this morning.

Buttigieg (pronounced: Bhudda-Judge) has been making moves toward a presidential run for a while now. He made a failed run for DNC chair in 2017, declared last month he wouldn’t run for a third term as mayor and has written a campaign book set to come out February 12.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg
City of South Bend

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has announced he will not seek a third term in a Monday morning press conference.

Buttiegieg said he has been consulting with colleagues, friends and family about his decision.

“Through that consultation and that discernment, I know now that the time has come for me to prepare the city for new leadership again. And when my present term in office comes to a close a year and two weeks from now, at the end of 2019, I will not be seeking a third term as mayor.”

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The South Bend Common Council’s Community Relations Committee held the first of what is expected to be several community meetings last night, in order to address growing problems within the city’s public schools.

No one at the meeting was denying that South Bend Schools has problems. With low test scores, disparities in discipline and achievement between white students and those of color, administration issues and others; there was plenty to talk about.

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Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch took a tour of Potawatomi Zoo on Tuesday. The zoo recently started work on a project that is partially funded by a state grant.

The new entrance area is the first part of a multi-step renovation of Indiana’s oldest zoo. The three million dollar project is partially funded by a regional cities grant.

Marcy Dean is the zoo’s Executive Director.

The Kindness Of Strangers

Nov 22, 2018

We’d left our bikes down south when we came back home this spring, so I decided to give one of South Bend’s ubiquitous LimeBikes a try. I knew how to do it. I’d read the directions: I just needed a credit card, a download, and a smartphone for the scan that would unlock the bike.

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  Under the Golden Dome at the University of Notre Dame on Tuesday afternoon people of many faiths gathered to pray, and grieve, and stand in solidarity with the Jewish Community over the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue last Saturday.

Rabbi Karen Campanez of Temple Beth-El in South Bend opened the ceremony. “How is it possible to fathom being shot to death while simply attending a Shabbat morning service. The staff and the members of Tree of Life are in our thoughts as are the entire Jewish Community of Pittsburgh.”



The South Bend Police Department is holding its annual Cops and Goblins Halloween event Monday night at Four Winds Field.

In past years, Cops and Goblins was held at the garage at the South Bend Police Department. This year, with more than 60 organizations taking part, it’s moved to a bigger venue.

There will be groups handing out candy and toys, a costume contest, and emergency vehicles for kids to explore.

SBPD Spokesperson Ken Garcia says Cops and Goblins is a outreach event for the department.



There are less than two weeks left before election day and there are still a couple of chances for voters to get out and meet the people who are going to be on their ballot.

Elkhart voters will have a chance Thursday night at the IUSB center in Elkhart to meet their candidates for school board, and hear a debate between candidates for the 21st district in the Indiana House.

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  The Nuns on a Bus tour made a stop in South Bend this afternoon. They’re a group of Catholic sisters that travel the country holding rallies about social justice issues.

This tour the nuns are focusing on income inequality and the recent tax law changes.

Sister Mary Ellen Lacy is one of the nuns.

“As Catholic Sisters it’s offensive to us when we see legislation that creates an economy of exclusion or inequality because as our Pope tells us such an economy kills and it violates our sacred vow to uphold all life.”

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  The Area Plan Commission of St. Joseph County has passed a zoning issue that would create a new location for the winter amnesty shelter in South Bend this year. The County Council still needs to approve the measure.

The property on Tutt Road is currently a unused warehouse. It needs to be rezoned from light industrial to mixed use and receive a special exemption before it can be used as a night shelter for people who are homeless this winter.

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More than 1,500 showed up at Four Winds Field Wednesday morning to learn CPR.


Despite the rain the students showed up and got the chance to learn basic CPR. Instead of being out on the baseball field, they crammed into the stadium concourse.

“They’re gonna learn some information today that could potentially save someone’s life," said Austin Szalai, a science teacher at Dickinson Fine Arts Academy. "Someone’s mother, brother, sister, know, you never know.”

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The City of South Bend is receiving applications for the 2018 Lamppost Lighting Program through October 10th. The program helps owners purchase low-cost, energy-efficient front yard lamp posts as well as with installations.


The Lamppost Lighting Program has been around since 2015 through South Bend’s Division of Engineering and as part of the the Light Up South Bend initiative. Light Up South Bend aims to improve residential safety through the installation of neighborhood street lamps.


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The South Bend Board of Public Safety set a date Wednesday for the disciplinary hearing for officer Justin Gorny. Gorny was involved in the July car crash that killed 22-year-old, mother of two, Erica Flores.