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Debate Watching Parties In South Bend

Jun 27, 2019
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Debate watching parties are taking place around South Bend tonight as people gather to watch South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and nine other candidates debate tonight.

One group is made up primarily of activists gathered in a small apartment watching with media surrounding them. 

One of the participants does not hesitate to speak out. "I don't understand how you can believe in this process. This isn't for us. We've been in this 20 minutes and nobody has talked about black people yet," says Tiana Batiste-Waddell.

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — The family of a 54-year-old black man fatally shot by a white officer is suing the officer and the city of South Bend, Indiana, where Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is mayor.

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The National Weather Service confirms a second tornado touched down in St. Joseph County Sunday night, in addition to the EF-2 tornado that was previously confirmed.

The second tornado was an EF-0 with winds of 65-70 mph that touched down for a half mile in South Bend near Roosevelt Road east of Ironwood.

Jennifer Weingart

The National Weather Service says a storm produced a brief tornado that formed south of US 20 and then moved north before lifting just southeast of the intersection of Ironwood Drive and Inwood Road.

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St. Joseph County Sheriff Bill Redman just issued a statement on his department's response to Memorial Hospital early this morning when angry crowds descended on the facility following the shootings at Kelly's Pub. 

Redman says the hospital was put on lockdown.

He goes on to say, "We cannot solve violence with violence! What I'm asking today is that we STOP the violence! STOP the shootings! Our community has suffered enough."

Read the entire statement here: 

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Here is the latest information from the Metro Homicide Unit investigating a killing and mass shooting at Kelly's Pub in South Bend early Sunday:

St. Joseph County –The St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit (CMHU) continues toactively investigate after shots fired yesterday, June 23rd, outside of Kelly’s Pub, on 1150Mishawaka Ave, resulted in the death of Brandon D. Williams and injuries to tenadditional individuals.An autopsy was conducted earlier this morning in Fort Wayne, Indiana, for Mr. Williams.A forensic pathologist ruled his cause of death to be gunshot wound and his manner ofdeath to be homicide.As noted in yesterday’s release, according to witness accounts and limited video from thearea, the parking lots immediately surrounding the pub were congested with cars and acrowd of approximately 75-100 individuals at the time of the shooting. While severalwitnesses have been interviewed at the County Metro Homicide Unit, this is an active andon-going investigation. Investigators are still asking that anyone with informationregarding this incident, or anyone there at the time of the shooting, to contact the CountyMetro Homicide Unit at 235-5009 or Crime Stoppers at 288-STOP.At this time, there is no suspect description to release and no arrests have been made.

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South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg's spokesperson issued information regarding an upcoming town hall meeting, making good on the promise the mayor made Friday night to upset citizens in the wake of the police shooting that killed Eric Logan.

Read the release below:

Lawyer For Eric Logan's Family Says A Lawsuit Is Coming

Jun 21, 2019
Justin Hicks/WVPE

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A lawyer for the family of a black man fatally shot by a white police officer in the Indiana city where Pete Buttigieg is mayor on Friday accused the Democratic presidential candidate of failing to be aggressive enough in setting rules to curb police misconduct.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg held a press conference Wednesday afternoon with the President of the local NAACP and other city leaders including city council members and the police chief. He talked about what's next for South Bend and about keeping the investigation as transparent as possible. 

Early Sunday morning Sergeant Ryan O’Neill of the South Bend Police Department shot and killed Eric Logan.

Whole Woman's Health Alliance via Facebook

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — A group says it plans to begin accepting patients at an abortion clinic in South Bend next week.

Amy Hagstrom Miller, of the Whole Woman's Health Alliance, said employees began answering phones today and booking appointments for next week.

A federal judge granted an injunction May 31 allowing the nonprofit to open the clinic without a state license pending the outcome of a lawsuit.

The state has appealed that ruling.

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg attended a press conference with community leaders Wednesday afternoon at the Civil Rights Heritage Center in South Bend. 

Surrounded by civil rights leaders in the city, Buttigieg said he will not rule out an independent investigation into the death of Eric Logan. 

Logan died Sunday when he was shot by a South Bend officer who claims Logan had a knife. 

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Community members at a vigil in South Bend Monday night are looking for answers following the shooting death of 53-year-old Eric Logan by a police officer early Sunday morning.

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The St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office announced that today Rahim Brumfield, 21, appeared before a St. Joseph County Superior Court judge and was sentenced to 60 years in the January 18, 2018 homicide of Tysiona Crawford.

At the time of her death, Crawford was 17 years old and a student at Washington High School in South Bend.

Brumfield was sentenced to 55 years for her murder and 5 years for a firearm sentencing enhancement, for an aggregate sentence of 60 years in the Indiana Department of Correction.

St. Joseph Co. Jail


Today the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's office released the following information on the sentencing of Barbara Brewster for murder:

St. Joseph County –Today Barbara Brewster, 56, appeared before a St. Joseph CountySuperior Court Judge and was sentenced to 60 years in the Indiana Department ofCorrection for Murder. Specifically, she was sentenced for the June 1988 Murder ofpregnant Miriam Rice.She was sentenced today after a jury found her guilty of Murder on June 12, 2019.The statutory sentencing range for Murder at the time the crime was committed was 40 to60 years.George Kearney, 78, was also charged in connection with Miriam Rice’s death, and pledguilty on March 11, 2019, to Murder, without the benefit of a plea agreement. He passedaway in the custody of the St. Joseph County Jail on March 24, 2019, before he could besentenced or a judgement of conviction entered. However, on March 27, 2019, the Courtper statute entered a judgment of conviction against George Kearney for Murder, but notedthat his death made sentencing moot and declined to enter any sentence for that conviction.