On August 24th, St. Joseph County recorded 154 new COVID-19 cases. This is the second highest daily case count for the county, surpassed only by Aug. 20th when 177 new cases were recorded. This spike in numbers is a result of the testing at Notre Dame now being reflected in the state data. The spike to some extent syncs up with the timing of when ND moved to online instruction due to the coronavirus outbreaks within the university community. 


THE LATEST: Based on the latest figures released by the Indiana State Dept. of Health, on July 16th, St. Joseph County saw its highest number of new daily COVID-19 cases yet. The county reported 68 new cases on Thursday. 

This week in a four-day time span from July 12-July 16, the county has logged three of its highest daily case counts since the pandemic began. On July 12 there were 63 new cases and on July 14 there were 58 new cases. 

Dr. Mark Fox with the St. Joe Co. Health Dept. says he attributes some of the rise to large gatherings and the State of Indiana moving to Stage 4.5 in reopening. He says he is thankful the state paused and did not move to Stage 5. He says two new testing sites have been set up at St. Adalbert and at WUBS. "This is a very worrisome trend for the county," he adds. 

"What a difference two weeks makes," says Mayor James Mueller of South Bend.