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Michigan loosened its COVID-19 restrictions this week, removing limits on outdoor gatherings and increasing capacity limits indoors.


Berrien County Health Department spokesperson Gillian Conrad said the relaxed restrictions could help beach towns in Southwest Michigan recover the business they lost last summer.


“Many of our businesses rely on the busy summer months with tourists and visitors in the area to really help boost their business,” Conrad said.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan's state travel agency has kicked off a new marketing campaign to attract summer visitors.

The "Meanwhile in Michigan" campaign is building on a national cable advertising blitz that started in March. It will use radio, billboards, Chicago buses, TV and social media to get the message across.

It will target 20 Midwestern markets ranging as far as St. Louis, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Kentucky and Cincinnati. The Pure Michigan agency says the ads describe the state as a peaceful and scenic getaway from hectic daily routines.

Lawmakers Approve Study Topics For Summer Committees

May 21, 2019
Brandon Smith

Prescription drug prices and rising health care costs, ticket scalping, and adoption subsidies are just some of the issues lawmakers will tackle in study committees this year.

Ticks and Mosquitoes are Out for the Season

Jun 11, 2018
Scott Bauer / USDA



  It’s summer time, which means it’s peak season for ticks and mosquitoes. This year is shaping up to be a very active season for ticks in particular. There are ways to prevent these nuisances while enjoying the outdoors.