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DETROIT (AP) — Detroit's three automakers have agreed to partial factory shutdowns, deep cleaning of equipment and longer periods between shifts to head off union demands for U.S. plant closures due to the coronavirus threat.

The agreements came Tuesday night after union officials spoke individually with General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler.

The companies also agreed to “extensive plans” to avoid member coming in contact with one another, the United Auto Workers union said in a statement.

The United Auto Workers union said earlier in the day that it wanted the automakers to shut down their factories for two weeks to keep its members safe from the spreading coronavirus.

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More than 200 General Motors temporary workers were let go over the weekend at the Fort Wayne Assembly plant.

Under the terms of the latest contract, GM recently converted more than 900 temporary workers to full-time status in plants around the U.S., including about 150 workers at the Fort Wayne Assembly location.

Officials with GM and United Automobile Workers local 2209 say they were unable to come to an agreement to hire the laid-off temporary workers. A GM spokesperson said in a statement they were willing to hire the group part-time.

United Auto Workers Approve New 4-Year Contract With Ford

Nov 16, 2019
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DETROIT (AP) — Members of the United Auto Workers union at Ford Motor Co. have voted to approve a new contract with the company.

The union says in a statement Friday night that 56.3% of workers who voted were in favor of the deal.

The four-year agreement reached Oct. 31 gives workers a mix of pay raises and lump-sum payments as well as a $9,000 ratification bonus. The company also promises $6 billion in U.S. factory investments. Ford gets to close an engine factory near Detroit but its 600 workers there will get jobs at a nearby plant.

UAW Voting On Proposed Contract With Ford Today

Nov 11, 2019
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Members of the United Auto Workers continue voting on a proposed contract with the Ford Motor Company today. 


The deadline to ratify the deal is the end of this week.


The tentative agreement offers many of the same features the UAW sought in its recent contract talks with GM.


Ford will provide wage increases, bonus payments if the contract is signed and ratified and a way forward for temporary workers with at least three years of experience to become full time employees by 2020.


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United Automobile Workers ratified a new four year contract with General Motors Friday afternoon. Indiana local chapters were split on approving the contract but workers are heading back to work.

Those outside GM Fort Wayne Assembly plant Friday afternoon began cleaning up the picket line as word came down that the contract had been ratified. Some signed each other’s’ picket signs and took photos to commemorate the moment.

BREAKING: GM Workers Ratify Contract, Ending Contentious 40-Day Strike

Oct 25, 2019

ROMULUS, Mich. (AP) — A contentious 40-day strike that crippled General Motors' U.S. production came to an end Friday as workers approved a new contract with the company.

UAW Members Continue Vote, Await Friday's Final Tally

Oct 24, 2019
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Hoosier United Automobile Workers members continue to participate in the national strike outside General Motors facilities awaiting the ratification of a new contract.

Bedford UAW Local 440 president Kevin Hutchinson says the tentative agreement addresses a variety of topics that he felt membership should vote on first before going back to work.

Workers At Large GM Plant In Michigan Approve Contract

Oct 23, 2019
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DETROIT (AP) — Workers at one of the largest General Motors factories have voted to ratify a new contract with the company, an indication that a five-week strike could be coming to an end.

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The month-long United Auto Workers strike against General Motors could soon come to an end. The union and the automaker recently reached a tentative contract agreement.

As part of the weekly series MichMash Cheyna Roth and Jake Neher speak with a reporter who has been covering the strike about what it has meant for the state and local economies.

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GM Workers To Stay On Picket Line Until Vote On New Contract

Oct 17, 2019
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DETROIT (AP) — Striking General Motors workers will stay on the picket lines for several more days until they vote on a tentative four-year contract agreement with the company.

Union Boosts Strike Pay For GM Workers As Talks Continue

Oct 13, 2019
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NEW YORK (AP) — United Auto Workers is increasing strike pay for union workers picketing at General Motors as it continues to negotiate with the company nearly four weeks after more than 49,000 employees walked off factory floors.

The union said that weekly pay will rise to $275 from $250 for members on strike, effective today (Sunday, Oct. 13.) It moves up the timing of a $25 weekly raise that had been planned to go into effect on Jan. 1. The union also voted to allow members to take part-time jobs and continue to receive strike pay, as long as they perform their picket duty.

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It’s been about a month since the United Auto Workers went on strike against General Motors. For small communities that rely on GM plants, the financial strain is felt from striking union members to local diners and shops. While many businesses are seeing losses, some are finding ways to support workers through the strike.

Strike Leaves Union Members In Tough Financial Situations

United Way Helps UAW Members On Strike

Oct 12, 2019
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The United Auto Workers strike against General Motors is approaching one month and one local organization is preparing for an increase in needs from union members.

With bills and other expenses continuing, UAW workers on strike are feeling the pinch. Strike pay offers only $250 a week if picketing requirements are met.

Cheryl Graham is the Howard County United Way AFL-CIO director. She says union members did prepare for the strike, saving money and cutting unnecessary costs, but that will only help to a point.

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The president of the AFL-CIO visited striking auto workers from a central Indiana General Motors facility Tuesday afternoon. The stop comes as contract negotiations continue.

United Auto Workers officials released a statement Tuesday saying a contract proposal from GM failed to meet union member’s “demands or needs.”

UAW Strike Forces GM To Close Mexican Pickup Truck Factory

Oct 1, 2019
Paul Sancya/AP Photo

DETROIT (AP) — A strike by the United Auto Workers union has caused a parts shortage, forcing General Motors to shut down its pickup truck and transmission factories in Silao, Mexico.