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Photo courtesy of Indiana Agriculture and Technology school

An agricultural-focused charter school is under scrutiny from the Indiana State Board of Education (SBOE), because according to the board's legal counsel the school is operating like a virtual charter school when state law says it shouldn't be.

The Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United School Corporation (NHJ) authorized a farm-focused charter school last year. 

Audit: 2 Indiana Online Schools Misspent Nearly $86 Million

Feb 13, 2020
AP Photo/Tom Davies

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A new state audit report says two Indiana online charter schools accused of inflating their enrollments inappropriately paid nearly $86 million to companies linked to the schools' founder or his associates.

Tuesday night the board of directors who run two scandal-plagued virtual charter schools planned to hold a public meeting to discuss its closure. But what took place, leaves more questions than answers. 

Minutes before the meeting was to start, the attorney for the Indiana Virtual School and Indiana Pathways Virtual Academy said it's canceled. 

“Two board members are here for the executive session and resigned just a few minutes ago,” Mary Jane Lapoint said to a small group, including stunned former employees. 

The oversight board of two virtual charter schools at the center of an enrollment inflation scandal and a federal investigation voted Monday to close both schools. 

The Daleville Community Schools Board unanimously voted to revoke the charters for the Indiana Virtual Schools and Indiana Pathways Virtual Academy. State officials accused the schools of receiving more than $40 million in state funds by including students that no longer attend the schools in enrollment rolls.