workplace vaccinations

Justin Hicks / IPB News

The Indiana Immunization Coalition said it saw an increase in employers asking for COVID-19 vaccination clinics at job sites earlier this month. It was a response to a workplace vaccination push from the federal government, now put on pause by courts.

Alan Mbathi/IPB News

Republican legislative leaders don’t sound ready to ban Indiana companies from imposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Justin Hicks/IPB News

Gov. Eric Holcomb is directing state agencies to find a way to legally challenge new federal regulations requiring workplace vaccinations.

It would have employers with 100 or more workers require COVID-19 vaccinations or weekly testing and masking. Employers must also supply appropriate time off and recovery time if workers feel temporary side effects from vaccination.  If employers don't comply, they could face penalties of nearly $14,000 per violation or even up to $137,000 if they willingly disobey or have multiple violations.

Courtesy of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Just more than half of eligible Hoosiers 12 and over are fully vaccinated so far. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s Wellness Council of Indiana launched a campaign Monday to recognize employers that encourage their workers to get vaccinated.