Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour

From historic downtown Plymouth, Indiana, where the Lincoln Highway and Michigan Road cross the banks of the beautiful Yellow River, it's The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour. It airs the first Monday of the month at 9 PM on 88.1 WVPE.

Join host George Schricker for a brand new episode of The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour featuring Nashville recording artist and Nebraska native Shannon LaBrie with "It's Political" and "Heaven Crashed Down."Also, a new segment of Shoot the Moon and music director John Bahler sings his tune about the state of Indiana. Recorded live at The Wild Rose Moon in Plymouth, Indiana by Nate Butler of Nimble Wit Productions, Goshen. 

With joHn Kennedy. Sept. 3, 2017. Link to listen. Edit | Remove

Join host George Schricker for a whole lot of fun with Episode 7:  South Bend's own, singer songwriter joHn Kennedy, Chris O'Brien, Marshall County Hammered Dulcimer artist Marcy Prochaska, Music Director John Bahler, and the audience participation quiz show, "Shoot the Moon."

October 1: Shannon Labrie

August 2017, recorded live in Plymouth, Indiana, Host George Schricker, with Society of Broken Souls,  Jim Yocum, and Music Director John Bahler. Sound by Nate Butler


July 2017. Plymouth, Indiana.

Host George Schricker welcomes The Stampede String Band, Hannah Livengood, Jim Bowen, and Cindy Davis for songs, a poem, a story, some conversation and a sing-along. 

It's hometown week on the Radio Hour, featuring some of the great folks who make the Moon glow. Join us this time to find out what the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour is all about. July: Stampede String Band  August: Society of Broken Souls