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It's tornado season in Michiana

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Spring weather in the midwest can mean tornadoes. Indiana did a statewide test of its sirens last month. Michigan is doing one Wednesday.

Tornado season typically runs from April to June in this area. On average since 2004, Michiana has gotten 11 tornadoes a year. Most of those are below an EF-3. That means the winds are less than 136 miles per hour.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Kyle Brown said that can make it more difficult for predictions.

“Those can be challenging to detect. They can be very brief and they can appear on one scan of our radar and then disappear and then sometimes those ones go unnoticed unfortunately.”

Brown said residents should keep an eye on forecasts this time of year. He says even when they don’t see specific tornadoes, the weather service watches for the severe weather patterns that happen around them.

Brown said the most important part of being prepared for severe weather is being aware of conditions and knowing where to seek shelter if you need to.


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