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ITRCC New Projects Focus On Road Safety




The Indiana Toll Road Concession Company, or ITRCC, announced Thursday several projects aimed at making travel safer along Northern Indiana’s East-West Toll Road.

The ITRCC has focused on improving infrastructure on the Toll Road for the last few years. The company wants to now focus on road safety, by using an “intelligent transportation system,” - new technology, such as full color dynamic message boards and cameras along 70 miles of fiber optic cable that line the toll road. The company has also invested funds in a new fleet of snow plows.

Chief Operating Officer Rick Fedder says projects are implemented with motorists in mind. He says the ability to communicate with drivers about road conditions.

“This is all geared towards road safety, the driving experience and really toward pushing the Indiana Toll Road as a world class asset that Northern Indiana and the state of Indiana should be really really proud of,” Fedder said.

Fedder says the new technology could even be life saving, because it’s meant to help Indiana State Police locate and get to accidents quicker.

The ITRCC will focus on infrastructure on the eastern part of the Toll Road in the years to come, they will also work on improving toll booths and plazas.

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