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Mishawaka Schools Look to Make Improvements

Mishawaka school leaders reviewed a Grade Level Study Report yesterday offering the school board options for improving education district wide.

Suggestions in the report include a greater focus on early learning, specifically by offering more early childhood activities for Mishawaka residents, which could include restructuring grade levels and even building another middle school, which bump sixth graders to middle school, allowing space for more early childhood programs in elementary schools.

The study also calls for a greater focus on the “whole child” a term, which school officials say they will be using more, when referring to the social and emotional learning needs of students.

Assistant Superintendent Ted Stevens said they’re hoping enrollment will increase in the district by at least a hundred students every year for the next five years.

“Again, that’s 5 years down the road, but we definitely want to plant that seed in the board and community’s mind,” Stevens said, “You know, the community may say no, or the community may say yeah, we think that’s the best thing to do for the greater Michiana area.”

The board will review, and possibly approve, the recommendations during the February school board meeting. 

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