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South Bend Cubs Kickoff Ticket Sales

Barb Anguiano


Single game ticket sales kicked off for the South Bend Cubs today.


Joe Hart is the president of the South Bend Cubs. He said the first day of ticket sales is always exciting because it signals opening day is just about a month away, and soon Four Winds Field will be a buzz with the sounds of summer and baseball.

“You know, as much as it pains me to say as a diehard baseball fan,” Hart said, “But for us it really boils down to more about the environment at the ballpark, creating memories.”

The South Bend Cubs became the class A affiliate for the Chicago Cubs in 2015. Hart said  that was a good move because of Cubs fans in the area. He said although he enjoys Major League Baseball, Minor League teams have a lot to offer their communities.

“Major league ticket prices are more expensive,” he said, “it is more about winning or losing, whereas for us it’s more about giving back to the community and creating that environment even if you’re not a baseball fan, you can come to Four Wind Fields and have great time.”

Hart said he realizes not everyone is a baseball fan. In fact, when the office broke down fan numbers, they found that about 15% of the audience actually paid watched the baseball game.


However, Hart said that’s not a deterrent in getting people to attend games. He said last year’s ticket sales increased from the previous year, and Hart said the goal this year is to sell even more tickets.

“Our goal going into this year is how can we do better from a customer service standpoint? From an entertainment standpoint,” he said.

The South Bend Cubs are scheduled to play a total of 140 games this season - seventy of which are home games. Single game ticket prices range from 11- 14 dollars.