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Piping Plovers Rest On Indiana Beaches During Journey South

John Kendall

Indiana is truly the crossroads of America - not just for people, but also as a migratory stop for an endangered species of bird. 

There are about 75 pairs of Piping Plovers in the Great Lakes population and most of them nest in Michigan.

The adult Piping Plovers head south in July but new hatchlings are just now beginning their first migration.

They are flying to South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Amy Kearns is the assistant nongame bird biologist for the Indiana DNR. She said the state’s beaches are
the perfect place for the birds to stop.

“To make such a long trip, it’s really important that they have the opportunity to refuel and rest, and to eat, that opportunity is so important because without it they could die on their trip,” Kearns said.

Piping Plovers will continue to migrate through Indiana until late August.