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Community Members Discuss South Bend Police Use Of Force Policy

Annacaroline Caruso

South Bend residents gathered once again on Tuesday night to give input on police practices - this time on the use of force policy. 

Attendees were given hypothetical scenarios a police officer might encounter on the job. They discussed what actions the officer should take and how much force would be appropriate in each situation.

Use of force is top of mind for many as California just changed the language in their state’s law. It now says that officers can use deadly force only when necessary, not reasonable.

South Bend resident Sheree Eppenger said the City should use California’s policy update as an example.

“Maybe we can simulate them and check into theirs and see what they’re doing and go accordingly, but we have to do something," Eppenger said. "As far as deadly force, I don’t agree with that. Too many people are getting killed. We have to handle it a different way.”

South Bend’s policy currently states an officer can use deadly force when they feel it is "reasonable."

Mark Bode, South Bend director of communications, encouraged residents to attend the Board of Public Safety meetings and give their ideas.

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