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Wa-Nee Community Schools Switching To Propane School Buses

Annacaroline Caruso/WVPE News

Wa-Nee Community Schools in Nappanee is working to replace its school bus fleet with propane powered buses. 

Wa-Nee Schools began using propane powered school buses this year - which they said is a much better option than the traditional diesel school bus.

Amy Rosa is the transportation director for Wa-Nee Community Schools. She said the propane buses aremore reliable, environmentally friendly, can handle cold weather, and run quieter.

Rosa also said propane cuts costs- which means more money going to the classroom.

“We are very student driven here at Wa-Nee. In the end for me, again, It’s whatever we can keep in the classroom financially benefits the student while providing the same service we’re able to do now.”

Rosa expects switching to propane school buses could save almost one million dollars over the course of five years.

Wa-Nee currently has four propane buses and expects to get 16 more in the next five years.

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