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Goshen Woman Returns From Antarctica And Shares Her Experiences

Annacaroline Caruso

A Goshen woman spent 15 seasons working in Antarctica.  She’s back and shared her story with a group of environmentalists in Elkhart Wednesday.

Community members concerned about the state of the environment meet up in Elkhart every month for a group discussion called Sound of the Environment.

This time, group members listened to a presentation from Kimber Beachy, a woman who was born and raised in Goshen and spent 15 seasons in Antarctica. She had eight different jobs, from dishwasher to IT, all to support the scientists there.

Beachy came back to Goshen for good this February. She says educating the public about Antarctica is important to get people on board with fighting climate change.

“I just think the world is a beautiful place and for people to see these beautiful places and the systems that are there and the animals and everything and that desire to protect it because it’s so precious.”

Beachy you says she’s encouraged to see a group of people in Elkhart County that are passionate about sustainability.

As for Beachy’s next steps, she says she’s still figuring it out - but she hopes to find something seasonal like her work near the South Pole.

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