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South Bend Residents Discuss Affordable Housing Crisis

Annacaroline Caruso

South Bend residents gathered Friday to discuss the affordable housing crisis which has been an ongoing issue in the city. 

Finding housing issues to discuss was easy for the group - things like homelessness, unaffordable rent, and income gaps. But they had a bit more trouble coming up with solutions.

Chuck Leone, a South Bend resident, said solving the housing crisis is complicated.

“Housing is just one part of a very large puzzle.”

He said employment, education, and health all play a role.

Karen White is a city Councilmember At-Large. She agreed the housing issue needs to be tackled with a more broad approach.

“We’ve got to look at it from a more holistic approach. South Bend, if you have money, you can live anywhere in the city. But what about those who don’t? That’s what we have to address.”

White hopes the newly elected city officials will bring new ideas about how to make housing more affordable in South Bend.

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