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New Carlisle Town Council Calls For Moratorium On Proposed Industrial Site

Annacaroline Caruso

The New Carlisle Town Council called for a moratorium on the proposed Indiana Enterprise Center at a meeting Tuesday night. Activists have been vocal about its potential environmental harm for several months.

The IEC is a proposed industrial site in New Carlisle that some officials say would promote economic development for the area. But many locals are against the project because they fear it would destroy farmland and endanger drinking water.

The newly elected town council members unanimously called for a moratorium, which would delay action on the IEC until the redevelopment commission agrees to stick with the 2002 plan that limits the size of the center.

Activist Garrett Blad said having the support of the council is a big win for New Carlisle.

“It’s really the first time that a unit of government took a strong stance against the IEC.”

Council member Jordon Budreau says he’s been fighting against the IEC since the beginning. He said he’s concerned because technically the project only needs approval from the redevelopment commission which  is made up of appointed members.

“The largest issue is that we’ve had zero input into it. When they ask us for our input, if they ask us, they don’t take it to heart. ”

The county’s economic development director, Bill Schalliol, said in an email that even though the plan only needs to be approved by the redevelopment commission, "Because of the nature of the IEC project, we would seek to get approval from the Area Plan Commission, the County Council, and the Board of Commissioners too so that it can be a working document across all County units of government. The plan will also be sent to Olive Township and Town of New Carlisle for review too as those units of government have services that they provide to the area."
Schalliol hopes to present the IEC plan to the redevelopment commission in April.

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