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Community Foundation Of St. Joseph County, Indiana Working To Fill Need Created By Coronavirus

The Community Foundation of St. Joseph County has shifted gears to provide funding for nonprofits struggling because of the coronavirus crisis.

The Community Foundation is working to fill any need created by the coronavirus.

Community Foundation President Rose Meissner said one of it’s top priorities right now is helping people have food security during this pandemic.

“We’re also concerned that we think this is going to be with us for a while and the needs that we have today may be different than what is necessary in two weeks, or four weeks, or six weeks.”

Most recently, the Community Foundation granted funding to help deliver food to roughly 1,000 low income seniors who live in subsidized housing in St. Joseph County.

Meissner said the foundation has been working closely and frequently with United Way. She said the United Way COVID-19 Response Fund is an effective way of quickly getting resources to the community.