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Roseland Officials Concerned About How Motel 6 Isolation Facility Is Being Managed

Annacaroline Caruso / WVPE Public Radio

The Town of Roseland is concerned with how the Motel 6 isolation facility is being managed. Roseland officials are calling on South Bend to make changes.

The motel is being leased by South Bend to provide a place for the homeless to isolate if they have symptoms of COVID-19.

Roseland Officials are asking South Bend to increase security at the facility, conduct regular room checks, and require people to sign an agreement that they will stay at the facility until their COVID-19 test comes back negative or they are fully recovered.

Bob Masters, the attorney representing Roseland, says there’s been an issue with some motel guests leaving against the recommendations of health officials.

“If the City of South Bend is going to operate a quarantine facility in Roseland, then the City of South Bend should operate it as safely as possible,” he says.

Roseland is also asking South Bend to increase the amount of site managers and provide transportation once a guest leaves.

Masters says these changes would protect Roseland residents as well as those staying at the motel.

“What’s worrying to the town of Roseland is that the City’s plan, while good on paper, is not what the town of Roseland is seeing on a day to day basis.”

City Spokesperson Caleb Bauer said in an email quote “The City continues to work with the Town of Roseland to alleviate the Town’s concerns related to the facility.”

As of Tuesday, there were 15 people housed at the Motel 6. 

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