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Two Priests At Catholic Church In Elkhart Test Positive For The Coronavirus

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Two priests at the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Elkhart tested positive for COVID-19 according to the church’s website.

One of the priests who tested positive, Father Eloy, began experiencing symptoms in mid-May and the other priest, Father Matthew, has been mostly asymptomatic. That’s according to a letter written and posted by Father Matthew to the church’s website.

Father Eloy is in the hospital recovering and Father Matthew is in self-quarantine.

Father Matthew says he offered three communion masses in mid-May before testing for COVID-19, but he says he disinfected his hands right before distributing communion and wore a mask.

A third priest at St. Vincent de Paul tested negative for COVID-19 but is continuing to isolate as a precaution until he receives a second negative test result.

As a result, St. Vincent de Paul will not start public masses this weekend until doctors say it’s safe to do so.

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