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High Schools In Michiana Prepare For Fall Sports Amid Pandemic

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John Glenn high school can be added to the growing list of high schools in Michiana that have reported at least one confirmed case of COVID-19 among student athletes or coaches. Local high schools are trying to prepare for the upcoming fall sports season amid the pandemic.

Mishawaka, St. Joseph in South Bend, and Concord high schools have also reported student athletes or coaches have tested positive for the coronavirus over the past few weeks.

Dave Preheim is the athletic director for Concord High School where high school football practice is suspended until July 27 after a coaching staffer tested positive. He said Concord student athletes are required to bring face masks and keep as much distance as each sport allows.

“What we’ve done is asked our coaches to come up with a specific plan and specific protocols for their team and trying to promote to our kids that doing things like wearing face masks might be the difference between having a season and not having a season.”

Preheim said it’s difficult to predict exactly how the fall sports season will work but at Concord they are trying to prepare for multiple different scenarios because the pandemic conditions are quickly changing.

“What happens if we can play with spectators as normal, what happens if we can play with limited spectators...what kind of precautions are we going to need to take on busses to get to away contests and all those things are up in the air the guidance on those things are shiting so rapidly that we’re kind of taking things day-by-day.”

He said ultimately the school will follow whatever guidelines are set by the Indiana High School Athletic Association.

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