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Monday Night Special: Deconstructing diet culture-part one

Charnel Hunter

This is part one of a three-part series.

Diet culture is everywhere. It affects the care we get at the doctor's office and our experience in fitness spaces. And we may be misunderstanding the science used to uphold moral standards of weight and health.

Diet culture is the water we're all swimming in. It’s a system that upholds thinness and says the smaller your body, the greater your moral superiority. But there’s no body shape that’s intrinsically good or bad.

Host Anita Rao unpacks the science that props up diet culture with anti-diet registered dietician Christy Harrison and certified internal medicine physician Dr. Louise Metz. She also hears from Mirna Valerio, ultrarunner and author of “A Beautiful Work in Progress,” about how she’s pushing back against the ways diet culture manifests in the doctor's office and on the trails.

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