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South Bend council passes resolution calling for ‘common sense gun reform’

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In the wake of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, members of the South Bend Common Council are calling for “common sense gun reform.”

The council passed a resolution Monday evening asking residents to contact their state and federal lawmakers about enacting stricter gun control measures.

Proposals being considered at the federal level include strengthening background checks, enacting red flag laws and reinstating the ban on assault weapons.

“Issues of gun control and legislation are outside of the jurisdiction and hands of local municipalities,” Councilwoman Rachel Tomas Morgan said. “That said, there’s much that we can do in our community to continue to educate and do what we can within our own jurisdiction.”

Council Vice President Karen White said the resolution comes after demonstrations were held across the country this weekend calling for an end to mass gun violence.

“I think it’s very important that we do take a stand on behalf of our citizens and… to encourage our citizens to reach out to our state representatives to encourage them to look at these issues from a different perspective,” White said.

State lawmakers voted earlier this year to remove permit requirements for Hoosiers who want to carry a handgun in public. The law is set to take effect July 1.

The council resolution ultimately passed 6 to 1, with Councilman Eli Wax voting against it.

“The residents of South Bend have representatives in the Statehouse. They have representatives in the federal government. We aren’t the emissaries or the vehicle in between,” Wax said. “ I think this is a worthy conversation, but this conversation doesn’t belong here.”

The resolution ultimately passed 6 to 1. Council President Sharon McBride and Councilwoman Sheila Niezgodski were absent from Monday’s meeting.

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