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Premier Arts Academy beginning enrollment for 2023 school year

A new arts integrated charter school is opening this fall. The school is continuing the town’s legacy of arts and theatrics.

Premier arts academy has started enrollment for their 2023 fall school year. The new school will teach regular subjects through the lens of arts and theatrics. Students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade will be able to have hands-on instruction through challenge based learning.
In partnership with Lifeline Youth ministries, the new building will be at the corner of Hively and Prairie. The facility will feel like a much fun setting.

The facility will have multiple gyms, a commercial kitchen, an art room, computer lab and classroom space. An outdoor area will provide space during the day and for after school care.

Head of the school, Ashley Molyneaux said this school is for every type of kid.

“At our core, we all love music and moving our bodies and the theatrical arts of watching sets, watching a story unfold in front of us,” Molyneaux said. “All of those things are really for everybody.”

She called this type of curriculum a perfect marriage between education and arts. Students will be able to have small groups everyday according to what they need. Whether it be remediation or an extension of the curriculum.

Everyday, students get to choose which fine arts classes they want to take. Students will learn from professional art instructors during the day.

While this is a common type of education across the country — this is completely known to the Elkhart community and the surrounding region.

Molyneaux sees her role as listening to the community and understanding what parents want for their children. She used her own instinct as a mother and what worked well for other charter schools to put together Premier Arts Academy.

The academy has met 50% of their enrollment goal. The students are chosen on a lottery system, preventing discrimination because of test scores or socioeconomic status.

Molyneaux is proud of the school’s current momentum and enrollment numbers.

“We just want to get the information to debunk some myths about charter schools,” Molyneax said. “We want to make sure that people know how different this program is.”

Molyneaux has held parent information meetings for the last few months to try to get parents interested in enrolling their kids in the academy.
Molyneaux has held parent information meetings for the last few months to try to get parents interested in enrolling their kids in the academy.

One of her biggest goals for this school is to bring back the joy of education and learning.

Parents have been very responsive and excited about Premier Arts Academy at every parent meeting. Molyneux said every parent gets excited about the curriculum and wants it for their kids, much like she is for her own children.

“I'm literally building something that I want for my own kids, my two youngest will be at the school with us,” she said.

Molyneaux encouraged parents to come to parent information sessions to understand the full context of what the school is offering.

“We do believe the school would be a benefit to any kid. But we also want parents to understand that we're taking parent convenience in mind as well,” she said.

If parents are interested, they can attend the following upcoming sessions.

January 26th, 5:00-6:15pm, Elkhart Public Library Main Branch

(300 S 2nd St, Elkhart, IN)

Saturday February 4th, 11:00am-12:15pm. Mishawaka Public Library

(209 Lincoln Way East, Mishawaka, IN, Eisen Room)

February 9th, 6-7:15p.m. Pierre Moran Pavillion

(201 W. Wolf St, Elkhart, IN)

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