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UPDATE: Coming To Fernwood Friday Tonight? Important New Info You Need To Know



We have just learned some new logistical information from Fernwood that will impact the number of guests at tonight's event who will be able to be accommodated in the air conditioned venue the event has been moved to. 

Based on new capacity data from Fernwood, the Sims Education Center where the event will take place tonight will accommodate slightly more than 300 people.

This is significantly less than the number Fernwood initially shared with us.  We regret that inaccurate information was shared out.  But if you do make the drive in these hot weather conditions to get to Fernwood to join us, we want you to have the most accurate information possible upon which to base your decision. 

The Dean's List will still take the stage at 5pm indoors. We want everyone to be safe in this heat so please make a decision that takes your safety, health and wellbeing into account. 


Out of the utmost concern for the health and safety of our members and all attendees, WVPE and Fernwood have decided to move our Fernwood Friday event indoors to a new, beautiful (air conditioned) space Fernwood just opened last October, the Sims Education Center. 

One of two courtyard areas outside the Sims Education Center at Fernwood

The Berrien Bus has agreed to transport people from the parking lots down to the Sims Education Center both before and after the concert. It is an air-conditioned 14 passenger bus that is also capable of holding wheelchairs. Some golf carts will be available as well to help with transport to and from the parking area.

The grounds will still be open and available for those who want to explore nature.

Credit The Dean's List
The Dean's List

The Dean's List will still take the stage at 5pm for this event in our Four Winds Entertainment Series. Chef Tim Carrigan and the Iron Shoe Distillery will still be on hand offering concessions.