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South Bend student competing in national Shakespeare contest

The University of Notre Dame


A senior from South Bend Adams High School is competing today in the national Shakespeare competition in New York City.

A few days before competition Tiana Mudzimurema is still getting direction from her coach Christy Burgess.

“But imagine that you’re seeing that muse and like ‘come to me muse’ right?” “Oh I thought I was angry because it went away.” “Yeah but you’re saying…”

Mudzimurema won the Indiana state Shakespeare competition and moves on to perform today in the national Shakespeare competition at Lincoln Center in New York City.

“I’ll be nervous but all my nervousness will be turned into excitement. So, I’ve been prepared so there’s nothing really to be worried about at this point, it’s just excitement.”

She will perform a monologue, she’s chosen Juliet’s from act 3 scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet-- “Come, night. Come, Romeo. Come, thou day in night, For thou wilt lie upon the wings of night, Whiter than new snow upon a raven’s back.”--that one. And a sonnet 100.

Mudzimurema has been performing Shakespeare with the Robinson Shakespeare Company at Notre Dame since she was nine years old.

Besides Shakespeare, Mudzimurema also placed in a pitch competition with a peer-to-peer tutoring app. She’s been to Germany with LEGO I-Robotics and in the fall she’s going to Northeastern University in Boston on a full ride scholarship to study international business and theatre.

She credits being able to do everything she does to the people around her.

“I have an amazing support system. Without them, managing everything would be extremely difficult. But having people around you that love you and want to see you succeed, they’re gonna help you in every way that they can.”

Burgess said no matter how Mudzimurema places in New York, she wants her to enjoy the experience.

“Yes, it would be phenomenal if she won, but if she goes out there and she feels good about her performance and she feels like ‘I have left it all out on stage,’ that’s what I want is I want her to feel good about it. And honestly, I think she’s going to do great.”

Performances began at 4 Monday at Lincoln Center.