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Michigan Voters Head To The Polls For Primaries

Jennifer Weingart


Michigan voters are at the polls today choosing who will represent each party in the November general election.

In front of Meijer in Stevensville just after noon on Tuesday, a small group of people stood waving signs.

Larry Weber was holding a sign for a county commission candidate. He says that they’re trying to get out the vote. “That’s probably the most important part for someone that’s running in the primary, it to get the people to vote and we’ve been doing a lot  of campaigning so we hope so.”

And national politics plays a part in that for some. Julie Corcoran had just voted at St. Joe city hall. She said she’s been paying attention more. “This is my first primary," Corcoran said. "So, I felt it was very important to participate in the entire voting process.”

Other people, like Randy Poole, put it a little more bluntly. “But I just think people have to get out and vote otherwise this festering sore that we have in the White House is just gonna get worse.”




Some voters turn out for the more local issues.


There are a lot of millages on primary ballots in Michigan. They don’t usually end up on general election ballots.

Credit Jennifer Weingart
Baroda Township Hall on Front Street on primary election day August 7, 2018.

In Baroda Township there are millages to renew both police and fire on the ballot. And a bond proposal for a new fire station. For voter Toni Gaul, those are the big issues. “It’s something that’s really needed. And even though we’re a small community it’s a very active fire department.”

For other voters like Sandy, who did not give her last name, the millages are all she planned to vote for. “All I’m gonna vote for is the issues... The millages,” she said.

Gaul said she hopes younger people see the local issues and realize that voting is important for the community. “[I] Hope our younger generation realizes as they grow up that our vote is important and it matters.”

Polls in Michigan are open until 8 tonight. You can check your ballot and polling location at the Michigan Secretary of State's website.