Artificial intelligence

Sep 16, 2021

Artificial Intelligence
Credit Infralist/Unsplash


Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days, and a few universities in Indiana are working to advance the technology. Today we talk to experts about what A.I. can be used for and the ethical concerns surrounding it.

We also get an update from the hosts of the comedy podcast "Defending Indiana."

Produced by Mariam Sobh.


Colleen Brennan
Comedian; Co-Host of "Defending Indiana"

Janice V. Rodriguez
Comedian; Co-Host of "Defending Indiana"

Shiaofen Fang
Director of the Institute of Integrative A.I. and Chair of Computer Science Department, IUPUI

David Crandall
Professor of Computer Science and Director of Graduate Studies of Computer Science, Indiana University Bloomington

Nitesh Chawla
Director of the Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society, University of Notre Dame