Electric vehicles need “all hands on deck” to boost consumer consideration

Aug 19, 2019

A new survey from Cox Automotive finds that many people remain concerned that electric vehicles cost more than gasoline powered vehicles.

And they think battery range - the distance an EV can go before it has to recharge - is also a reason not to buy an EV.

Analyst Michelle Krebs says, in fact, the price difference is narrowing, and battery range is increasing.

But she says there are steps that automakers, dealers, and the federal government could take to boost EV consideration.

One thing she doesn't see is the U.S. government having any sense of urgency about the need to boost EV adoption to fight global warming.

"However, EVs are going to be in increasing numbers in showrooms," says Krebs, "and so achieving EV adoption in the U.S. will require all hands on deck, to educate consumers and that ultimately starts with the automakers and filters down to the dealers."

Krebs says in China and in Germany, EVs are getting more of a boost from the governments.

The survey also looked at consumer EV brand awareness. Tesla was far and away the most familiar EV brand, with 81% of consumers who say they're considering an EV aware of Tesla.  Toyota came in at 52%, Chevrolet at 47%, Nissan at 42%, and Honda at 39%.

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