Elkhart PD grows beards and collects food

Dec 1, 2017


Elkhart Police Officers show off their facial hair.
Credit Courtesy photo: EPD

Officers at the Elkhart Police Department are back to well shaven after a month of growing beards and collecting food for the Salvation Army.

For the month of November Elkhart police officers could forgo shaving and bring in a non-perishable food item each day to wear a beard.

Officers are allowed to have a mustache under their dress code, but no other facial hair.

Department spokesperson Chris Snyder says it was fun seeing all the different types of facial hair.

“Some of them were well maintained beards and others just kind of let it grow and however it came in was the way it came in and then some of them kind of shaved and made bigger sideburns and different things like that. It was a good time for us to relax, kind of let our hair down and yet it was for a great cause.”

Snyder says support staff and female officers could bring in a food item to wear jeans for the day.

The food donations went to the Salvation Army. Snyder says he thinks they have about a pickup truck load.