Local highway departments prep for snow

Dec 7, 2017


Credit stock photo

As Michiana starts to prepare for winter weather, road crews have been working to get plows, salt and drivers ready to roll.

Hiring, ordering salt and plow repairs are just a few things that local highway departments do to get ready for snow and winter weather.

Jeff Taylor is the manager of the Elkhart County Highway Department. He said one of the challenges this year was low unemployment in the county.

“One of the bad things about having such a low unemployment rate is the ability to attract good workers and we’ve had some difficulty with that but we are fully staffed going into the winter, fortunately.”

Taylor said they raised wages to attract more workers.

He said since last year was light on snow, they didn’t have to order as much salt this year. He said the lower demand also lowered prices which will help their budget.

Taylor said he’s confident that workers and the department are ready for when the snow starts to fall.