MSU study: Most Michiganders prioritize environment over economy

Mar 3, 2017
Originally published on March 3, 2017 3:24 pm

Fifty-nine percent of Michiganders would say they prioritize the environment over the economy, according to a new study from Michigan State University.

“The results are somewhat counterintuitive,” Daniel Bergan said, given President Donald Trump's November win in Michigan. Bergen was a researcher on the study.

"During the campaign, climate change and the environment were not discussed to a huge degree, and it's possible that people didn't make a distinction between the candidates on the environment or didn't think too much about environmental issues when casting a vote," Bergen said.

Bergen says this study shows that environmental policy and climate change can be a bipartisan concern. He thinks the study results could help spur legislation to protect the environment in Michigan.

"At least if policy makers in Michigan are made aware that their constituents care about the environment, I think state policy makers will take that into account," Bergen said.

The results of this study coincide with President Trump's proposed cut of Great Lakes restoration funding by 97%.

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