NPR's Steve Inskeep Returns To Home State Of Indiana For Lugar Symposium

Dec 9, 2019

Steve Inskeep is the host of NPR's Morning Edition and First Up.
Credit Allison Shelley/NPR

NPR’s Morning Edition has had a Hoosier at the helm for more than 15 years. Host Steve Inskeep grew up in Carmel, Indiana and still has family here. He was invited to speak at the Richard G. Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders, which took place this weekend at the University of Indianapolis. 

Today we talk to Steve about the event, the late senator who founded it, and about growing up in Central Indiana. 

We also talk with one of the founders of Atlas Obscura about the Indiana destinations that made it into the popular offbeat travel guide’s newest print edition.

Produced by Drew Daudelin and Matt Pelsor.


Steve Inskeep
Host, NPR’s Morning Edition 

Joshua Foer
Co-founder, Atlas Obscura