Suspect Identified in Mishawaka Pipe Bomb Cases

Feb 15, 2018

Jacob Ryan Underwood, 22, from Elkhart has been charged by criminal complaint with possession of a destructive device in an arrest that may have a connection with the pipe bombs found in Mishawaka in late January.


Elkhart Police Department Bomb Unit retrieves an improvised explosive device from a resident's home.
Credit Elkhart Police Department

Underwood is also accused of watching two other pipe bombs be made and later throwing them out of a car window in Mishawaka.  

Investigators linked Underwood to an explosion outside of his home, and also with assisting in the construction of a pipe bomb.


Earlier this year, other explosive devices were found in Elkhart and Marshall Counties.


Authorities have not disclosed whether all three separate instances are related, or if Underwood is suspected to be connected with the Elkhart or Marshall county incidents.


No injuries were reported in any of the cases.