Voter Turnout

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Indiana ranks among the worst states in the country for voter turnout. And improving that is the goal of a new, nonpartisan organization: HOPE – Hoosiers Organized, People Energized.

More Hoosiers voted in the 2020 general election than in any election in state history, crossing the 3 million-voter mark for the first time.

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Indiana regularly reports some of the worst voter turnout and civic engagement in the country. And a group of state leaders – from government, law, business and education – want to improve that record, starting with Hoosier schools.

Record 5.5M Voted In Michigan; Highest Turnout Percentage In 60 Years

Nov 5, 2020
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LANSING, Mich. (AP) — More than 5.5 million people voted in Michigan's presidential election — the most ever and the highest percentage of voting-age residents to cast a ballot in 60 years. The number of voters — in a pandemic — smashed the record of 5 million in 2008. About 71% of those age 18 and older voted. The only general election in the past 72 years with a larger portion was 1960. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said Thursday it was "particularly inspiring and encouraging" that more than 28,000 people took advantage of a new option and registered and voted on Election Day.

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More than 1.7 million Hoosiers have cast their ballots early this election – that’s nearly double the number who voted early in 2016.

Democrats Buoyed By High Turnout In Michigan Primary

Mar 11, 2020
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LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Democrats are buoyed that a record-high number of peopled voted in Michigan's Democratic presidential primary, which was won by Joe Biden.

Nearly 1.6 million people cast ballots on the Democratic side Tuesday.

That is almost 380,000 more than four years ago — a 31% increase. Michigan Democratic Party Chairwoman Lavora Barnes says Democratic voters are ready to hold President Donald Trump accountable in the November election.

Turnout was down on the Republican side, though that was expected since Trump faced no serious challenge.

Civic Health Index Shows Indiana Needs Improvement

Nov 11, 2019
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Indiana’s civic health leaves a lot of room for improvement – that’s the conclusion from the fourth edition of the Civic Health Index, unveiled Monday.

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  Voter turnout was high for the Michigan primaries last week with some precincts running out of ballots. Local officials don’t think that will be a problem in November, no matter how many people head to the polls.

Michigan clerks use a formula from the federal government to decide how many ballots to print for primaries. In general elections each precinct has to have enough ballots for every registered voter, even though 100 percent turnout is unheard of.