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Mar 13, 2021

We have all spent a lot of time over the course of the last year thinking about where we are, and how we'll move forward. And information helps us do that. There is even more to figure out in 2021. And thanks to donations from listeners like you who become sustaining members of WVPE, public radio will be by your side. Donate by clicking here right now, so we can all keep moving forward together. Or call 888 889 9269 to donate. 

Thank you. 

Sid Shroyer

Nobody’s getting rich working at WVPE. But, we have the satisfaction of knowing that our work matters.

Maybe we are victims of our own success. We are trying to not be noticed being noticed. We are trying to be noticed by not being noticed, “ motionless in time / As the moon climbs, ” like a good poem, according to Archibald Macleish. Zen and the art of radio station maintenance.

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Here at WVPE and at NPR we bring you the news you need. Join us in this commitment by becoming a WVPE sustaining member and donating now online or by calling 888 889 9269. Please support WVPE's Spring 2021 Membership Campaign. 

WVPE Welcomes New On-Air Staff

Sep 3, 2020
Peter Ringenberg

WVPE is welcoming two new hires to our on-air staff.

Happy National Radio Day! What better way to celebrate than by showing your support of public radio and WVPE. 

Donate Your Car - Support WVPE!

Jul 21, 2020
Tom Sibal/WVPE

WVPE Honored With Another 1st Place Journalism Award

Jun 26, 2020

Congrats to former WVPE journalist, Jennifer Weingart. She was honored Thursday with a First Place award for Best News Feature by the Public Media Journalists Association.

Jennifer's report on 'Water Levels, High Winds Erode Lake Michigan Coastline' aired in December of 2019. 

Earlier this year, Jennifer and WVPE's Justin Hicks also picked up awards from the Society of Professional Journalists for their reporting work. 

Peter Ringenberg & Justin Hicks

Giving Tuesday is a day for people to stand together to rally around the causes they care about. Show your appreciation for the vital news coverage you depend on by donating to WVPE today. Click this link to show your support. Or call 888 889 9269.


WATCH VIDEO: Donate Your Car To WVPE

Apr 24, 2020
John Blosser

Donating a car is fast, easy and secure. We accept any vehicle - running or not - including cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and more. Simply call or fill out our secure online vehicle donation form, and one of our friendly Donor Support Representatives will take you through the process from start to finish. The pick-up is free, and your gift is tax-deductible! 

It's Never Too Late To Support WVPE

Mar 31, 2020

WVPE is social distancing, but you can still stay close and help power public radio. 

We just wrapped up our modified membership campaign with online donations only. Thanks to all of you who contributed to the success of  your local NPR station.

WVPE Listener-Members Tell Our Story Best

Mar 26, 2020
Screenshots from Twitter

Nobody tells the WVPE story better than our loyal listener-members. This week some of them have taken to Twitter to show their support. Others have left us comments when they went online to financially support the fact-based journalism and amazing storytelling that informs, entertains and inspires them everyday on 88.1 WVPE. 

Let us know what you love about your local NPR station.

Peter Ringenberg

WVPE Station Manager, Anthony Hunt, talks about the vital role your local NPR station plays during this pandemic and how you can help the entire community during these unprecedented times by keeping public radio strong. 

Please watch his video message.

WVPE Is Hiring In 2020

Sep 30, 2019

88.1 WVPE is looking to hire for three positions, a Business Account Manager, Part-TIme Development Assistant and Office Manager.

If you are passionate about public radio and are interested in joining our team, please click to learn more about these job opportunities. 

Read the letter from Anthony Hunt, WVPE General Manager.   

In case you missed the announcement by WVPE General Manager Anthony Hunt regarding programming changes happening at the end of September, here is a copy. 


Today on Stateside, we talk with vaccine-hesitant parents as measles cases spread. Plus, learn how your old photos can help researchers track changes to Lake Michigan's dunes.

Peter Ringenberg

Tuesday the Vibrant Communities movement of Elkhart County recognized WVPE Station Manager Anthony Hunt as the most energetic, cheerful and generous resident of Elkhart County for March 26, 2019.  The movement is recognizing a different person every day. Vibrant People of Elkhart County is a year-long daily celebration of the doers and how they #LoveElkhartCountyIN and make Elkhart a vibrant community.

Giving Tuesday is a day to support the organizations making a difference in your community.

Your NPR station, 88.1 WVPE, has a Giving Tuesday goal to raise funds not only for the station, but to also support other area nonprofits by giving them a chance to get their message out over our airwaves.

Support the insightful, fact-based journalism you rely on.

Join WVPE for this day of celebration and generosity and make your contribution now here or you can call 888-899-9269.

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WVPE's 2018 Fall Membership Campaign is underway! If you are not a member, call now 888-399-9873 or click on the donate button. We rely on listeners like you to support the station and pay for the programs that you rely on, as well. If you have been a member but are unsure of your membership status or know that it's been awhile since you contributed, please consider becoming a sustaining member. Thank you for supporting your NPR station, 88.1 WVPE.

Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour: McKasson & McDonald

Jun 2, 2018


Violist Ryan McKasson, who studied his instrument at the University of Southern California, and guitarist Eric McDonald, schooled at Berklee in Boston, bring innovation and spontaneity to traditional forms, to create an environment of their own design that transcends boundaries and appeals to all sorts of music lovers. Listen for their intimate radio show performance on the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour, Monday night at 9:00 on 88.1, WVPE.