Last letters to get replies this year arrive at North Pole

Dec 15, 2017


Credit stock photo

The last of the letters Santa will be able to reply to are arriving at the North Pole Friday.


Letters to Santa can be dropped off in special boxes at most post offices in the U.S. A lot of those letters make their way to Anchorage, Alaska where the postmaster collects them, and sends replies back from the North Pole.

The letters have to make to Alaska by Friday, December 15 in order for Santa to reply.

Jason Scholten is the postmaster in Elkhart. He said when they get letters for Santa, they make sure to pass them along, but they need a little help to ensure replies make it back.

“When we do see those we do pull them and take care of those, make sure they are answered by Santa. We do ask if anybody mails those to make sure that we have a return address on it. Because Santa won’t know where to return it if there’s not a return address.”

Santa may see you when you’re sleeping and know when you’re awake, but street addresses aren’t really necessary when you’re flying in a sleigh.


For next year, the post office has a guide for sending your letter to Santa.