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Third Indianapolis Zoo Elephant Tests Positive For Deadly Virus

Indianapolis Zoo


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indianapolis Zoo says an African elephant has tested positive for a virus that earlier killed two other members of its herd.

It said Thursday that 13-year-old male Kedar has tested positive for elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus and is being treated for it.

The zoo says it started testing the blood of each elephant twice a week after two elephants, Nyah and Kalina, died in March . Lab and pathology tests confirmed both elephants had EEHV, which causes fatal hemorrhagic disease in elephants.

Zoo staff conducted a blood test for the virus on Kedar on May 2 and the results came back negative. The zoo says staff tested Kedar's blood again on Monday and the results came back positive.

The zoo says humans and other animal species cannot contract the virus.