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Debating The Future Of Dogs At Weko Beach

Jennifer Weingart/WVPE

Bridgman City Officials are waiting on more information from the state of Michigan as they work to reconcile conflicting ordinances about dogs at Weko Beach.

A 1968 ordinance prohibits all animals on the sand beach portion of the park.

After Warren Dunes created an area of dog beach at its park in 2010, Weko allowed access from its adjacent beach into the dog beach through the south end of the park.

A proposal was made at Monday night’s council meeting to allow animals on leashes on the beach during the off season. Also allowed would be animals properly leashed or caged in the other areas of the park and there is an effort to create stronger enforcement around leash and waste disposal rules.

The meeting was well attended. Community members said they want to be able to access the beach with their dogs.

The committee is waiting on more information about the dog beach at Warren Dunes, which was recently moved a mile further down the beach, away from Weko, before any ordinances are rewritten. 

The next city council meeting is on April 1st at 6:30.