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Berrien County Democrats Look For Middle Ground In Red County

Jennifer Weingart


Voter turnout in primaries this year has risen, particularly among Democrats and yesterday, Michigan was no exception.


Berrien County traditionally leans Republican, but that doesn’t stop enthusiastic Democrats from turning out to support their candidates.

Siobhan Leonard is a field organizer for the Berrien County Democratic Party. She said campaigning for Democrats in a red county is about finding a middle ground.

“It doesn’t have to be so, ‘I’m not speaking to you, you’re dead to me’ I mean we have to find a way to build conversations and sit at the table and I think that is a reflection of Congress and our government is that we won’t get anything done if we don’t learn to talk to one another.”

Leonard said she will continue to knock on doors and canvas for her candidates moving forward.

She said most people she talks to care about issues like health care and education and how what happens in Washington and Lansing will actually impact their lives.


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