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Nuns On A Bus Tour Stops In South Bend

Colleen Ross

  The Nuns on a Bus tour made a stop in South Bend this afternoon. They’re a group of Catholic sisters that travel the country holding rallies about social justice issues.

This tour the nuns are focusing on income inequality and the recent tax law changes.

Sister Mary Ellen Lacy is one of the nuns.

“As Catholic Sisters it’s offensive to us when we see legislation that creates an economy of exclusion or inequality because as our Pope tells us such an economy kills and it violates our sacred vow to uphold all life.”

Lacy said she thinks it’s the first time the bus has stopped in South Bend. After the rally at the old courthouse, the nuns loaded up and moved on to their next stop in East Lansing, Michigan.

The Nuns on a Bus tours are supported by NETWORK, a lobbying firm for Catholic social justice.