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Elizabeth Warren's First Indiana Campaign Stop Is In Elkhart

Justin Hicks/WVPE

Elizabeth Warren says she has a plan for everything. That's what she has used to make herself stand out from the crowded field of Democratic hopefuls.

In Elkhart she outlined three of those plans.  

“Just three things that I wanna do. Attack the corruption so we can make real change in the country, get a couple of structural changes in this economy, and protect our democracy,” Warren explained.

She spoke of getting rid of lobbying, and fighting voter suppression and gerrymandering. She also wants to see a tax  put on wealth over 50 million dollars. 

Additionally, she wants to see what could be done with that money instead, like paying for college and abolishing student loan debt.

Kaitlyn Steinhiser is a Junior at Valparaiso University and is a member of the college Democrats there. That college plan is part of what drew Steinhiser to the Warren rally.

“She has a debt calculator on her website and it shows how many of your student loans would be cancelled and I know a lot of people have actually been doing that and that’s very encouraging,” Steinhiser says.

Warren is only the second Democratic candidate to campaign in Indiana. After Elkhart, she is stopping 
in Fort Wayne. The state’s primaries aren’t until May, making it traditionally a low priority for
those seeking the nomination.

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