Gov. Whitmer doesn't want state 'micromanaging' Flint's pipe replacement program

Feb 20, 2019

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) says her administration is working with Flint’s leaders to finish replacing lead service lines.

Since Flint’s water crisis, the city has been replacing lead and galvanized steel service lines connecting homes to city water mains. The pipes were a primary source of lead particles which contaminated the city’s drinking water. 

The Snyder administration was critical of the city's decision to excavate pipes rather than use a cheaper inspection tool to determine which service lines needed to be replaced. 

In Flint Tuesday, Whitmer struck a different tone.

“We’re not micromanaging every decision that’s made,” Whitmer told reporters. “I just want to make sure it comes in on time and on budget and that people in Flint can have confidence that the water coming out of their tap is clean.”

The city’s goal is to complete the process of checking service lines and replacing lead and galvanized steel pipes by later this year.

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