Slick conditions lead to more than 100 accidents and slide-offs Wednesday

Jan 24, 2018


  Icy road conditions across the area this morning resulted in many crashes and part of US 20 being closed.

Yesterday’s rain froze to roadways and new freezing rain fell making roadways treacherous this morning.

US 20 was closed between State Road 19 and County Road 17 to clear accidents and lay down salt and sand to prevent new ones.

Another part of westbound US 20 near US 33 was also closed when a Indiana State Trooper stopped to assist a motorist who slid into the median divider when the troopers patrol car was struck by another sliding vehicle. That trooper was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers said people need to slow down.

“Speed is what kills in this situation and you might be going the speed limit but that’s too fast for the conditions so keep the speed reduced and you should be ok but, again, you can’t predict what other people are doing around you.”

Between Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties, South Bend City, Elkhart City and Indiana State Police, officers responded to more than 100 accidents and slide offs today.


Elkhart County reported 36 accidents and 19 slide-offs. St Joseph County had 39 incidents. South Bend had about 30 and Elkhart had 13. The Indiana State Police responded to 13 crashes and 5 slide-offs.

Roads are still slick Wednesday evening. Drivers should take caution.


Rogers said conditions are likely to be icy until temperatures rise above freezing, something weather forecasts say might happen Thursday.