Women's Care Center: False Information Used Against Us

May 11, 2018

Vice President of Women’s Care Center Jenny Hunsberger says the center is not political, and known to be a “stabilizing force” in the community.

She said the issue at hand is false information being disseminated in connection to a controversial zoning request for a new Women’s Care Center Office, to be next door to Whole Woman’s Health Alliance proposed non-surgical abortion clinic.

After the request was approved by the South Bend Common Council, Mayor Pete Buttigieg vetoed the it, saying he received a lot of input from community members and other organizations that thought Women’s Care Center opening a center in that location would cause issues. He later said in a letter explaining his veto, that the neighborhood would not benefit from having two adversarial organizations side by side.

The mayor also stated in his letter that Whole Woman's Health had purposely chosen their current location because of the residential building next door.

But Hunsberger insists the information presented to the mayor depicting the nature of the clinic is a misrepresentation and she wants to set the record straight. However, she would not give a direct response as to why Women’s Care Center specifically wanted to open a new office next door to Women’s Health Alliance, when other locations in the general area are available and zoned accordingly. She said the reason behind opening the center in that specific location is irrelevant to misinformation being spread.

“Whether Women’s Care Center is allowed to open a new office on Lincolnway in South Bend is not why I am standing here today,” she said, “I am standing here solely to ask that this false information stop.”

Buttigieg was unavailable for comment, but released a statement saying the city is not worried about the reputation of the center, but whether a zoning change was justified. He said, “I hope the center will reconsider its insistence on this controversial location and be open to exploring a better outcome for all concerned.”