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Goshen Health officials provided an update on the COVID-19 vaccination campaign begun on Dec. 18. 

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GOSHEN, Ind., December 21, 2020 – In the first two days, Goshen Health administered the COVID-19 vaccination to 561 people, with another 222 scheduled to be completed today. Plus, the organization has already received its second shipment of the vaccine.

Saint Joseph Health System

Friday, Dec. 18, was the first day of COVID-19 vaccination for some healthcare workers in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties. 


Emergency physician and hospitalist Mark Walsh received St. Joseph Health System's first vaccine Friday morning. 


"It's the single most important tool that we have to protect me and to protect the entire nation," Walsh said.


Goshen Health also administered its first vaccines on Friday to doctors, nurses and therapists.

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Today Goshen Health announced it administered its first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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Goshen Health has provided its weekly update on the COVID-19 crisis. This week the hospital's ICU is still full causing surgeries to be cancelled. However, Goshen Health is hopeful to soon have some doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The Latest From Goshen Health On COVID-19

Nov 30, 2020
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As is the case every Monday, Goshen Health has provided an update on where things stand with COVID-19 at Goshen Hospital. 

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Goshen Health is reporting that it is seeing a record high number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. This comes less than a week after the Indiana State Dept. of Health designated Elkhart County as "red" on the state's county-by-county COVID-19 map. The designation is the most serious category a county can be in.


Late Monday afternoon Goshen Health described its staffing situation as "critical." The health provider is asking people with medical backgrounds or training to contact the facility directly to provide if they can provide any staffing help. 

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As COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to rise, many area hospitals have had to delay or cancel elective procedures, which could have a negative long-term impact on community health.

Goshen Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Nafziger said the term “elective” is misleading. Anything from cancer screenings to cardiac surgeries can fall into that category.

“When people say elective, what they’re really saying is urgent and important procedures,” he said. "So it's kind of unfortunate that that's the language that people have been using."

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Goshen Health is reporting more patients needing ventilators due to COVID-19. The hospital is also reporting it saw more deaths from the virus last week as compared with any previous week during the pandemic. 

Provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ Alissa Eckert, MS

Elkhart County Health officials provided updates on Monday, Oct. 12, on the state of the pandemic in Elkhart County.


In an email released on behalf of Elkhart County Health Officer, Dr. Lydia Mertz, new information indicates that the county has had 12 COVID-19 deaths in the first 10 days of October, averaging more than one a day. 

Elkhart County health officials also believe they are starting to see suspected cases of re-infection.

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Goshen Health is reporting it's latest stats for COVID-19. The organization's current overall positivity rate based on all testing is 12.5%.   The hospital's Chief Medical Officer says he's encouraged by how the numbers are trending. 

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Goshen Health issued information today indicating that the health care provider is seeing some improvement in the COVID-19 situation in Elkhart County. The Indiana State Dept. of Health continues to offer free COVID-19  testing this week in Elkhart County. 


You can learn more about testing sites here. 



According to the latest figures released by the Indiana State Dept. of Health on Wed., June 24 Elkhart County saw a day that tied its second highest yet for new COVID-19 cases. The county reported 101 new cases. That ties the case count on June 12.  June 17 remains the day the county saw its highest case count yet, with 112 new cases on that day. 


The Amish community in Elkhart County has been hard at work over the last month sewing and donating face masks. The group collectively donated roughly 4,500 masks to Goshen Health.