maternal mortality

FILE PHOTO: Brandon Smith/IPB News

Senate Republicans gutted a bill Monday that would have required employers to reasonably accommodate pregnant employees’ needs.

The legislation is a priority of Gov. Eric Holcomb’s.


There’s a call out for data-driven solutions to address the state’s high rates of infant and maternal mortality.  The Healthy Mom + Baby Datapalooza competition is open to the public and will offer all the necessary data for teams to come up with solutions to improve maternal and infant health. 

Teams are encouraged to create data visualizations or analyses to better show the problem. 


The Indiana State Department of Health announced a grant that will go toward improving the state’s review process of maternal deaths.  

Indiana has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country. In 2018, lawmakers established a review committee to examine the reasons why. 

This new funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will allow ISDH to better support the committee and its recommendations.