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Hoosiers shouldn’t expect full results the night of Indiana’s primary election like usual.

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Hoosiers who vote in person for this year’s primary election will not be required to wear masks, use gloves, or observe critical social distancing guidelines.

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Nearly 550,000 Hoosiers requested absentee ballots for the 2020 primary – a huge increase from prior years after the state expanded vote-by-mail to anyone who wanted it.

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The seat for an Indiana House Representative in South Bend is up for grabs for the first time in 50 years after Democrat B. Patrick Bauer announced he wouldn’t be seeking re-election.

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — State officials say about 275,000 Indiana residents have requested absentee ballots for the June 2 primary election. That's more than five times the total who voted absentee in the 2016 primary. That number announced Tuesday is about 50,000 more than a week ago. Requests for a mail-in ballots, technically known as absentee voting by mail, must be received by county election offices no later than May 21. Ballots must be received by a county election office no later than noon on Election Day, June 2, to be counted.

High Participation In Michigan With Mail-In Ballots

May 6, 2020
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WARREN, Mich. (AP) — Michigan communities saw record turnout for local elections, as voters participated in largely mail-based contests that could be a blueprint for the presidential battleground in November. Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office automatically sent absentee ballot applications to all 740,000 registered voters in those municipalities to discourage in-person voting Tuesday during the pandemic. Nearly 4,200 people in Michigan have died from coronavirus complications.

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A group dedicated to pursuing vote-by-mail for every Hoosier in every election is suing the state to help make that a reality this fall.

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Republicans on the Indiana Election Commission rejected Democrats’ attempt Friday to loosen some restrictions for the June 2 primary election.

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Indiana will hold some in-person voting opportunities for its June 2 primary election.

The state already extended vote-by-mail to any Hoosier who wants to cast a ballot that way. But Secretary of State Connie Lawson says some voters feel strongly about going to their polling place.

Still, the state is going to limit in-person voting to just one week leading up to and including Election Day on June 2.


Monday was supposed to be the voter registration deadline for Indiana’s primary election. But COVID-19 changed all that.

Joyous greetings! Seems like a strange sentiment in these troubled times, but it also seemed odd when expressed by women in France, Germany, England and yes, the United States as they wrote letters to one another in the mid-1800’s. They communicated and offered support as they labored, sometimes from prisons, for human rights for women, enfranchisement among their issues. So again, “joyous greetings,” because thanks to them, we have the vote.

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana election officials have started contemplating whether voters might need to cast all ballots by mail for the state’s primary election because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The state election commission voted unanimously Wednesday to delay Indiana’s primary by nearly a month to June 2 and give all voters the option of submitting mail-in ballots.

The state’s Republican and Democratic chairmen agreed last week with Gov. Eric Holcomb to move the primary from its scheduled May 5 date.

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Could voting be easier in Indiana? One non-profit thinks so. On All IN, host Matt Pelsor talks to representatives from the non-partisan group Indiana Vote By Mail. The group says if we adopted policies that have been in practice in other states for years, it would increase election security and voter participation, and decrease wait times at the polls for those who choose to vote the old-fashioned way. Guests will talk about how it would work, where it HAS worked, and the potential risks involved. 

Listen today at 1pm on 88.1 WVPE.

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Five states have primaries and one state is caucusing today. Political analysts say Michigan is the state to watch. 

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Legislation to extend Indiana’s Election Day voting by two hours – to 8 p.m. – got a hearing this week in the House Elections Committee.

Current poll hours are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Indiana is one of only three states whose polls close that early. It’s also one of only 18 states where polls are open just 12 hours. The Hoosier State also regularly ranks near the bottom of the country for voter turnout.

Rima Shahid leads Women4Change, a nonpartisan advocacy group. She says extending poll hours to 8 p.m. would help Hoosiers.

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DETROIT (AP) — A federal judge in Detroit is making it easier for independent candidates to run for statewide office.

Judge Victoria Roberts says the 30,000-signature threshold is too high and doesn't reflect a “compelling state interest.”

She set the bar at 12,000 petition signatures for the 2020 election.

The ruling could immediately affect independent candidates who want to run for U.S. Senate or president.

There are no races next year for Michigan governor, attorney general or secretary of state.

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) — An audit of Michigan’s Bureau of Elections released Friday found discrepancies that allowed an unauthorized user to access the state's voter file and inadequate training of elections officials in over 500 local governments.

The audit by the Office of Auditor General found that 32 counties, 83 cities and 426 townships lack fully accredited clerks nearly two weeks before a general election year begins.

The audit also found that an unauthorized user accessed the state’s file of 7.5 million qualified voters.

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Census data shows millennials are expected to be the largest generation in the electorate by the 2020 general election. This growth will continue to come largely through immigration and naturalization.

Turnout among young people in Indiana climbed from 8 percent in 2014 to 23 percent during the 2018 midterm elections, according to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement.

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A Democratic group is challenging Michigan’s restrictions on transporting voters to the polls and helping people apply for absentee ballots, asking a federal judge to block enforcement of the laws.

The lawsuit was filed late Tuesday. It is the second voting-related suit brought in two weeks by Priorities USA, a super PAC that plans to spend millions of dollars to mobilize and turn out voters in Michigan.


Ten communities will decide Tuesday whether they want businesses to be able to sell recreational marijuana. Last November, the state passed a law legalizing recreational marijuana. Since then, the issue has slowly been debated in communities at the ballot box.

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Not many cars were parked in the parking lot at Elkhart's North Side Gym. That is just one of the polling sites in the city where residents may vote today in municipal elections.

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In Benton Harbor voters are choosing between incumbent mayor Marcus Muhammad and Ron Singleton. Both are Democrats. 

There are also city commissioners on the ballot in Benton Harbor. 

Naomi Clark says she’s been voting every time she could since she turned 18. She says those who don’t vote, can’t complain.


"If someone get in that you don't want in, that you think shouldn't have been in, then you don't have anything to say if you didn't vote," Clark says.

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One of Indiana’s methods to purge voter rolls will remain shut down after a federal appeals court decision Tuesday.

An Indiana law first passed in 2017 allows counties to immediately remove voters from the rolls if they’re flagged by the Interstate Crosscheck System. Crosscheck, created by controversial former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, is a multi-state database of voter registrations.

Federal Lawsuit Challenges Indiana's Voter Signature Law

May 17, 2019
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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A government watchdog group is challenging the constitutionality of an Indiana law that allows election officials to throw out voters' absentee ballots if they think the signature on the envelope doesn't match other signatures on file.

The federal lawsuit filed Thursday by Common Cause Indiana contends that Indiana's law resulted in the rejection of "several hundred and possibly more than a thousand mail-in absentee ballots" submitted in 2018.

Voters Head To The Polls On Primary Election Day

May 7, 2019
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Voters in South Bend and Elkhart are choosing mayoral candidates in contested primaries.

South Bend Candidate Forum Tonight

Mar 14, 2019

At-large candidates for South Bend Common Council will answer audience questions at a forum tonight at Indiana University South Bend.

 Voters pick three at-large candidates on the primary ballots on May 7th. The event, hosted by the American Democracy Project of IUSB and the South Bend League of Women Voters, is one of several candidate events being held across the area. The forum will be followed by one-on-one networking between candidates and voters. It starts at 6 in Northside Hall at IUSB.