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Local Support In Michiana For Protestors In Puerto Rico

Justin Hicks/WVPE

Hundreds of thousands of protestors flooded the streets of Puerto Rico’s capital yesterday to demand the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello. A group of passionate South Bend residents held a rally in solidarity with them.

With chants of "Ricky Renuncia" - or "Ricky Resign" - a crowd of about 50 people gathered downtown South Bend where they banged drums and waved Puerto Rican flags. Event organizers used the opportunity to inform the crowd about the relationship between the island and the U-S government.

Joyce Rivera-González is Puerto Rican and spoke at the rally. She says it’s important people on the mainland understand the protests are about more than just the recent text message scandal involving Governor Rossello.

“We are upset and offended but that was only the spark that ignited the fire, a fire that has been growing for decades,” she says.

In Puerto Rico, the governor has said he will not resign, but he will also not run for re-election.

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